Taking it to the extreme

At The Current we believe in pushing the limits to bring you the latest news and events throughout the Illawarra. Looking back at our stories some of us have nearly been arrested, others trapped in torrential rain – just to get the perfect photo, but none us have gone so far as to ride a skateboard from Sydney to Wollongong.

For Rohan Nowell, his epic journey took 12 hours and he documented it on his Iphone. Unfortunately he couldn’t film the triumph of arriving in Wollongong, because his phone was full of water by the time he got here.

The jury is still out on whether the trip is more uncomfortable on a skateboard than the train.

Three months after the harrowing journey Rohan has uploaded what footage he managed to get. Here it is:

If you want to read about the experience this is his blog: Rotub

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