Everybody say Ciao!

Showcasing food, art, music and culture Wollongong city will be abuzz with Italian flare for the celebration of Italian week.

Dall'Italia All'Australia original poster

Dall’Italia All’Australia original poster

Official celebrations began last week with the screening of the 1924 film, Dall’Italia All’Australia (From Italy to Australia). The silent film was accompanied by a live band, I Viaggiatori, which played a series of traditional Italian folk songs to compliment the on-screen drama.

Events have continued through this week showcasing the vibrant Italian culture present in our city.

Italian inspired events have included Wollongong City Gallery’s showcase of art, food and music. The event featured discussions about the ceramic works of artists Marino Moretti and John Kuczwal, with a twist – they were entirely in Italian.

Celebrations will continue throughout the region for the next 10 days offering ample opportunities to experience the Italian culture present in our community.

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