Budget 2013/14


Last night’s budget announced the scrapping of the baby bonus, but set in stone the NDIS (Photo: Krug6)

The Illawarra will receive $42 million dollars to upgrade Mount Ousley Road under the 2013/14 Budget announced last night.

Funding two new lanes each way on the road between Bulli Tops and Picton Road, the upgrade will comes ahead of an expected traffic growth of 2.7 per cent a year until 2025.

The funding was the only Illawarra specific budget announcement.

Cunningham MP Sharon Bird has however said funding announced for the National Disability Scheme (NDIS) will support an estimated 6000 local people with a disability.

Throsby MP Stephen Jones has also stated the NDIS would have a large impact.

“The Gillard Government is fully funding and delivering DisabilityCare so our nation is a fairer place with the most vulnerable members of our community left behind no more,” Jones said.

Concerns have yet been expressed about cuts to families with the Baby Bonus being culled.

Parents who qualify will instead be receiving extra concessions under the Family Tax Benefit-A.


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