Speed cameras: ripping off, ripped out

172 fixed speed cameras, six mobile cameras and 60 safety cameras in NSW. Image Gizmodo

Speed cameras in New South Wales will be audited to see if they have an impact on road safety or they are just revenue raisers.

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell made the announcement saying if they are found to not have an impact they will be removed.

“This audit will provide motorists with the assurance that speed cameras are in places where they improve road safety – not just raise revenue,” Mr. O’Farrell said.

There are 172 fixed speed cameras, six mobile cameras and 60 safety cameras currently being operated in the state and each will be investigated in the auditor- general’s review.

Motorists are concerned speed cameras are just there to make money for the state government and the audit is to address those concerns said O’Farrell.

NSW Minister for Roads Duncan Gay said, the audit is also to better safety on roads and the state government has preferred more on the spot fines rather than receiving a fine in the mail.

“Speed cameras have a place in the suite of road safety measures, but the NSW Government is determined to ensure they are only in places where they make roads safer,” said Gay.

Motoring group the NRMA is behind the state government saying speed cameras should have the sole purpose to save lives and not make money.

NRMA president Wendy Machin said in a statement, “This audit will go a long way to restoring that confidence.”

The audit will be carried out over three months.


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